Monday, February 7, 2011

The Quaint Alley

I left the office with Cheryl for lunch
in Kalk Bay. Much to my delight, she introduced me to a rustic little French coffee shop called Cest Lavi and a tiny antique shop hidden away down a narrow but quaint alley. A lush bottle green creeper bush spreads along the citrus coloured wall accompanying you as you walk. There's something about those old buildings and the cobble stone roads that I love. I can't help wondering what exactly it is that defines personal taste (for life, decor & cuisine) ?
I picked up a garden wind chime made out of somewhat of a stoneware-ish material... It's hand painted baby blue with dusty pink flowers and earthy brown rims and was given a pine ornament shelf for free.

You just gotta love Kalk Bay

Cook's Room

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